George R.R Martin Can Be Wrong…


One of the fun things about moving to a new town is that everything is unexplored and waiting to be discovered. About a month ago I went to a book store that I had driven past many times passing through down town Corvallis but had never stopped in until that day. It was my favorite kind of book store…chaotic. There were piles of books along the isle ways and books crammed tightly on the shelves. The kind of book store where you have to work to discover the good finds. After searching I finally thought I found THE book. It was buried among all the tacky science fiction covers…Pavane by Keith Roberts. It had such amazing reviews, and a GREAT review written by George R.R Martin about how this book is a masterpiece and a landmark in the history of the genre(science fiction and fantasy).

Let me start off by telling you this…George R.R Martin can be WRONG. The book doesn’t quite reach 300 pages but I had to struggle to finish it and force myself to read till the end. Each chapter section is a new character and most characters aren’t interconnected. There were a few chapters where I thoroughly enjoyed reading the characters story line but those moments were far and few between. Most was a lot of finger tapping and waiting for the plot to thicken, the story line to develop more but it just didn’t happen. And not only did that not happen but the ending was just as disappointing as the whole rest of the book.