Lets Get To Some Of The Sewing!

Lets Get to Some Of The Sewing…


I did say there would be some sewing and some cosplay and this is both. Last spring I went to my first big Comicon where I dressed up. It was Emerald City Comicon in Seattle and I dressed up 3 out of the four days…quite the undertaking considering I was just getting back into sewing and relearning all the basics. I picked three different inspirations: Aqua Woman, Morrigan from Dragon Age one, and Gwen Dylan from izombie comics.


The first project I started with Morrigan because the knit fabric was forgiving and hid a lot of flaws. I used a faux leather to do the strips and texturing for the skirt. I didn’t take any progress shots because I didn’t have a blog at the time and didn’t have any plans to share. There might be a few on my instagram.

The next one I made was Aqua Woman. I loved the idea behind it and didn’t want to be Aquamans wife because I wasn’t really a fan of her backstory. I did something I had never done before. I drafted a pattern myself based on Cody(the fiancé) literally wrapping my whole torso in tape and then cutting it off of me so I could dissect it and draft out the pattern in fabric. I then test ran the pattern and sewed it together in fabric before then deciding to cut it out in craft foam so I could get more of an armored look. I both glued an stitched the foam pieces together.
Cutting out the scales individually took pretty much forever and then attaching them even longer but it was completely worth it in the end. I made the arm bracers but gave in and bought the mermaid legging for my legs.

The third costume looked the simplest but was honestly the hardest to make and I spent the most time with a seam ripper in my hand. It was a romper pattern that I used and had the hardest time adjust the crotch measurement to with how I wanted it to sit on my waist. I eventually gave up and had the waist sit on my hips instead of on my waist like I wished. I’m happy with it but there are MANY things I would redo. Sewing is always a learning process and cosplay is certainly a fun way to learn it.

p.s If you recognize the characters these people are dressed as I think you are an absolutely fabulous human being with fun taste in movies…