Part One of Why the Hell are the Outlander Books so Popular?


**this review contains slight spoilers…**

     Oh yeah…because they’re an epic romance spanning time…but then again so is Doctor Who.
The Outlander Books versus the societal pressure to feel that you should like something because it’s popular.
I’m honestly torn on my review and I will be upfront with the fact that I haven’t finished the available books in the series but I have read 6 out of 8 so I still think that makes me a pretty good judge.

The first book I picked up to read on a long flight plus the weeklong vacation in Mexico for reading it by the pool. It was honestly only picked because of the books length because I’m a fast reader and I figured it would last me the whole vacation. I had picked up the first book multiple times in the book store and always put it back because the plot just sounded so ridiculous and cheesy to me.
I honestly wouldn’t have powered through the first book if it wasn’t for the boring flight I was on. Claire’s real life with her first husband is rather dull and it’s obvious they’re awkward together.  She finally falls through the time vortex and that’s when things get interesting. I LOVE JAMIE. He isn’t a perfect character and as a modern woman I frown on a lot of his view points/opinions but that is what you get with historical fiction if it is written well…historical accuracy.

The second book I loved Jaime’s point of view throughout the story and thought Claire’s so absolutely dull. I’d just be tapping my fingers waiting for Roger, Bri and Claire to be done with their ho-hum adventuring so we could get back to whatever Jamie might be up to.

Third book brought in a lot more adventuring. Jaime and Claire are finally together again. They’re lives are exciting and taking them on all kinds of adventures beyond just Scotland(without giving away too many details). You absolutely fall in love with Jamie and Claire together once more while tolerating the absolutely dull romance between Roger and Bri.