Happy National Comic Book Day!!!!

Happy National Comic Book Day!!!

I thought I would celebrate by talking about some of the comics I’ve been reading and my new favorite comic: Spider Gwen and Archie Comics!!!!!

I was really hesitant to give the new Archie Comics a try. I loved going to the grocery store every week and getting whatever issue was by the check out isle. So of course I was worried when I heard they were making the Archie’s “cool” again. But to my happy surprise when I gave in and bought the first volume it was fantastic!!!!!!! I wanted to read it like 3 more times.


Spider Gwen was the next one I loved. I bought the first volume…volume 0 in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon. I liked the concept from the start. Badass Gwen plays in a band called the Mary Janes and fights crime at night. In this universe Gwen got bit by a radio active spider and became a super hero while Peter Parker(her best friend and I believe boyfriend) becomes consumed with becoming a hero also so much that he destroys himself with science. Her dad is a cop and Daredevils Matt Murdock is actually a bad guy. There are a lot of role reversals and its just a totally fun read.

I can’t have a list about awesome comics without including the Saga comics!!! An epic romance of a couple with a baby traveling across space attempting to find a place where their family can be together. There’s robot princes and princesses, all kinds of aliens, drugs, nudity and soap opera telenovela’s.

I’ve only read the first Ms Marvel so far and I thought it was pretty entertaining. I like the idea behind it a lot and the way its illustrated and written. It’s a little childish but in the best way. It’s not necessarily directed at my age group but I can appreciate it and find it amusing.


And on a complete opposite note when I was at Emerald City Comicon I came across The Wicked and The Divine the first 3 volumes. They’re about Gods who are reincarnated throughout different periods of time. In this time period they become pop stars. I had a hard time following all the plot lines to be honest. The art is really cool though. There is nudity, murder, heads exploding and all kinds of sex. It’s a pretty intense comic.