Does the Heart Really Go Last?


The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood is a fantastic book. This is I think the 6th book I’ve read by her the first being The Handmaids Tale(I’ll do a review for you later for that…after I reread it).
This book is the story of a couple who have fallen on hard times in this dystopian future(that could honestly almost be the present). They lose their home in the financial crisis and start living out of a “three times used” Honda. With the wife, Charmaine, working at a bar and the husband, Stan, keeping their car safe from roving bandits at all times.

It seems like a dream come true when they are offered the chance to apply to live in a closed community with security, a beautiful home, jobs, and even scooters to get around by. The only catch is they have to share the home with another couple. They’re supposed to alternate every other month with the alternate month is them spending it in prison. The prison provides an unpaid work force while giving jobs to the civilians who are “free” during that month. Everything goes exactly according to plan until Stan find a forbidden love not left under the fridge from the alternate couple. The fuchsia lipstick kiss left on the note starts to control his days as he begins to become obsessive over this other woman. So much so that he puts a tracking device in his wives shared scooter so he can track the other woman(Jasmine’s) movements.
I don’t want to rave about the book without being honest. The book has it’s slow moments but the plot line is worth powering through to get to the ending. Without giving away too many spoilers the plot is filled with twists and turns and nothing is how Stan expects it to be. He is left living the life he always dreamed of but what are the consequences. And Charmaine is left wondering if free will is all it’s cracked up to be.
The book contains sex robots, big brother tactic security, Elvis impersonators and a woman who is sexually attracted to a knitted, blue bear. All in all, you would have to be a fool not to give it a read