Will You Be My Best Friend Samantha Ellis?

Will You Be My Best Friend Samantha Ellis?…That is the serious question of the day.


I will start out by saying how much I absolutely loved How To Be A Heroine or What I learned By Reading Too Much by Samantha Ellis. Easily 5/5 stars.
The book is a memoir about the authors fascination with literatures greatest heroines and her connection with them. Samantha Ellis realizes that her whole life she has been trying to be a Cathy Earnshaw when maybe she should have been trying to be Jane Eyre(one of my favorite books by the way).
I completely connected with everything the author had to say and though I hadn’t read every book the author described I loved every second of it. Samantha Ellis is the kind of friend every avid reader wants to have, a literary feminist.


(Gilmore Girls one of my favorite shows…Rory is a literary idol of course)

“ From Greer, I learned that there was a stereotype of female beauty and I didn’t have to conform to it-and that it might be fun and liberating to ‘undress with `eclate’. I learned to stop laughing at men’s bad jokes.”


From The Little Mermaid to Valley of the Dolls to Scheherazade Ellis covers that and everything in-between with a refreshing sense of humor and an interesting look at life and the things life throws at you. I would read anything this woman writes because she loved the books that I loved and had opinions that I think are well educated with an interesting take on famous literature we’ve all had to read from time to time.


**side note: here is a sneak peak photo of a new dress I’ve been working on…**