Are You Fe(lining) Me?


**this review has a spoiler pic in it**

Lets talk about The Leopard King by Ann Aguirre…

     I snatched this goodie up at the early release price on kindle for $2.99 and I honestly couldn’t be more stoked about the decision. Ann Aguirre’s books alone make up 23 of the books on my kindle so it’s safe to say she is one of my favorite authors to read. The Leopard King was no exception, I finished it in the span of two nights.
It’s a faced paced read about the tale of multiple factions of humans that can transform into beasts called Animari. The story focuses mainly on the Ash Valley group who can turn themselves into felines. One of the main characters in Dominic Asher who until a tragedy rocked him to his core had led the pride of Animari felines. He runs from his troubles and leaves his best friend Slay in charge as his second. Slay runs things until Dom is needed to help hold up a hundreds of year old treaty between all the different kinds of Animari how are terribly close to war.

Facing the idea of war and knowing he isn’t up to the challenge Slay sends his off and on girlfriend Pru to bring back Dom or says to not bother coming back at all. Pro is fierce, loyal and always up to a challenge. Her kind heart goes out to Dom because his tragedy was the loss of his wife who happened to be Pru’s best friend. If anyone can fix him she feels it should be her, plus like Slay tells her, she’s expendable because she can’t transform into a feline.
Love, as always, blossoms in these kind of stories. The romance between Dom and Pru starts out as a helpful friendship and becomes something more. But in the end nothing else matters but defeating their enemies and keeping the Pride safe from the dangers that lurk outside the wall that keep everyone safe.

This book has all the things I love about Ann Aguirre’s writing: its a fast paced action romance with both male and female characters that kick ass. The plot will keep you on your toes and I guarantee that you will lose sleep because you’ll just HAVE to stay up to see what happens next. The Leopard King is the first of six books in the series so there will be lots of good plot points to come. AND…one of my favorite things about Aguirre’s writing is she ALWAYS wraps everything up in the end of a series with no loose ends leaving you wondering.

I’ll leave you with this note just incase Ann Aguirre happens to be reading this…Please, please, please write the series as quickly as possible because I am dying to find out what happens next in this new world you’ve created!!!


This is what the second book looks like by-the-way!!!!!!