The Magic of an Eight Year Old Boy’s Imagination


This is the first story I have read from Jeff Wheeler but after reading this book I know I will at least be reading the second and then final book in the trilogy. The second book is out there to anyone who wants to read the first and second straight in a row. When I read The Kings Poisoner  the second book The Thief’s Daughter wasn’t out yet and now I’ve been a tad distracted. The synopsis sucked me in when I had the opportunity to purchase it through the Kindle first of the month deal I’ve signed up for(which I really recommend for anyone interested).


The story is from the point of view of an eight year old boy, Owen, who has been traded by his parents to the current King to prove their loyalty.
Owen has been special since his first day of life. He was stillborn at birth before suddenly awakening in his mothers arms. Since then he has always had a patch of white hair on the side of his head and a shyness to his behavior.

Owen must prove his worth to King Severn by proving he can dream the future, save his family and loved ones from plummeting to their deaths down a waterfall that proves the innocent from the traitors(at least in the current Kings opinion…).
My favorite part of the story which Jeff discusses at the end of the end of the first novel is how it is based on historical facts and also folklore from the time of Richard the Third and his brother George. What would have happened if Henry hadn’t won the last battle and put the Tudors firmly in line for the throne?