Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice or a Little Venom and Vanilla?


Venom and Vanilla

     This is the first book in the Venom Trilogy by Shannon Mayer. I had an opportunity to read the book early through Kindle First(for October).
The main character is Alena Budrene, a baker in Seattle who comes from a very strict religious family(reminded me as if the Amish and Jehovah Witnesses had a religious baby). She lives in a world where the supernatural and “regular” humans are being separated by walls all over the world. When a lethal virus is being spread by supernatural beings and Alena catches it her only chance at recovery is to make a life changing deal…with a warlock. But will her soul be damned in the process?
As things always go everything is not as Alena predicted it would be. Some supernaturals have the potential to be her best friends and some people show the worst traits of humanity. And for an extra plot twist she is a new “supe” no else has ever seen before. Alena was “chosen” by the warlock to be a supernatural creature(I won’t tell you what) that is to be killed by a Greek hero trying to gain fame and worship in todays modern society. The book slightly reminded me of American Gods by Neil Gaiman with how the Greek gods powers are controlled by how worshipped they are and their desperation to not disappear and become just another story. Mayer’s book combines modern views/visions of super natural creatures with old Greek mythology in an interesting and fun fast paced fantasy, supernatural drama.

*Pros of the book: Star Wars references, fun characters, interesting plot, douche exes, and some tasty sounding pastries.
*Cons of the book: the cutesy cussing of the main character gets a little old after a while and she uses the words Super Duper to describe the vampires, werewolves etc EVERY DAMN TIME…512b2nnpl7vl-_sx331_bo1204203200_

Overall, I recommend the book and another bonus of the series(if you’re like me and get impatient waiting for the next book) is that the second book is due to be released a few months after the first and the third in the trilogy a few months after that! A huge win in my opinion.


And I’ll leave you with this side note:here is the face that stares at me while I’m reading and not playing with her(also the namesake of this blog, Echo). Man does she always leave me feeling guilty about not playing with her no matter how late at night it is haha.