What The Heck? Finally Outlander Review Part 2!


Sorry everyone…I meant to post these reviews back to back but became distracted by well…other books. On the plus side I now get to combine the Outlander comic book in this review because since writing this I check the comic out from my local library.


Fourth book brings you to America. It introduces Bri and Roger into Jamie’s time and creates so much tragedy you wonder how anyone could survive such terrible luck so consistently. It also creates a repetition that just keeps going and going and going and then just when you think it will end it goes round again. How many times can Bri talk about her boobs?? Seriously though…we get it she’s breast feeding. What saves the book is Ian and Jamie in my opinion.




The 5th book…the war is coming, the war is coming!!! Everyone prepare!! Also prepare for more fire and more badness!!! Oh yes and a few clever lines and some romance…mostly from Jamie and Claire because they are the true love story. Very little romance from Roger and Bri. Poor Roger, poor Bri…will their lives ever get any easier you wonder? Will the English every leave poor Jamie be?



The answer in the sixth book is no!!! More badness! More tragedy. Also the fire that has been talked about the last couple books? well it happens and it is NO BIG DEAL! or you find out at the end…maybe it didn’t actually happen*cue the dramatic music* It was when I reached the last page in the very long sixth book and decided I WAS DONE. I needed a break. I can’t relive the same issues over and over again. Nothing is ever solved because the same bad guys reappear every time you think they are done and the consequences for anything take so long to come to fruition that they get carried from book to book before they’re solved.


But then everyone…I lied. I couldn’t resist checking the Outlander comic book out from the library and well…I couldn’t even finish it. Maybe it gets better? I’ll never know. The comic is from Jamie and Murtagh’s point of view and the writing/dialogue is so choppy and dysfunctional that I just couldn’t keep reading. The art work is beautifully done but the characters aren’t drawn the way you imagine them to look(and I’m not the only one who thought so, just read the reviews on Goodreads).
I’ll end this review with a very attractive looking picture of Jaime and Claire from the show. For whenever I get tired of the story plots carrying on over and over again I just think of how very handsome and romantic Jaime is and it keeps me reading. 😉