Not Quite Sewing But I’m On My Way To It…

Im still working on the dress I did the picture for  a few posts ago. I honestly have been struggling with the invisible zipper on the side. I’ve never done a side zip before and doing it with a stretchy knit fabric was probably not the best idea…but it’s too late for that now :p

Heres the picture of the pattern and hopefully a post will follow soon with the actual dress I made…



Heres another progress shot after I sewed the top/waist band onto the skirt and tried it out of the dress form to see how it hung. I’m pretty satisfied so far but I’ll do a full post when I finish the dang thing.

On a side note Joanns has been having a sale on Simplicity patterns for .99 and I went in on a mission for these fabulous patterns…

But like the the best laid plans they were out of both patterns were out in my size!!! It was a huge bummer but I found these patterns instead.


The retro pants pattern I have been oggling for ages and finally couldn’t resist at the fabulous price of .99!!!


Then I couldn’t fight the temptation of these three different costume patterns because well…they’re awesome and even if I don’t make the costumes the individual pieces of the pattern are great wardrobe staples.

And then lastly, this pattern which I was initially was REALLY excited about(I mean look how cute it is with the pockets!!!) but then read terrible reviews about the fit of it by anyone who wasn’t the xs size. I guess we’ll see how the fit is when I make the pattern. Again, I felt like I couldn’t really go wrong in spending .99 on it even if the fit is terrible.


I guess if anything this will give me lots of new sewing projects to post about in the future you lucky ducks 😉