The Prince of Thorns or the Tale of a Psycho?


*this contains spoilers for the book The Prince of Thorns*

The story starts out as a young boy experiences his mother and brother being murdered right before his eyes. He is only saved from the bravery and quick actions of a body guard who tosses him into…can you guess? A bush of thorns. These thorns are poisonous or magical…or both? They seem to infect him not just physically but also mentally. Urging him to kill or to hurt the people around him. But then again that could just be in his mind…or it could be a wizard who has cursed him…or is it that he is really just a mean child. Because in my opinion that’s what he is…the school yard bully.


The author plays around with switching the main characters aggression to different causes but the honest truth is he was a mean child before he met the wizard. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the second book we found he was just missing a heart all together. Instead of him trying to win a kingdom he goes to the wizard in the Land of Oz and asks for a heart.

The book wasn’t badly written and is a quick read if you don’t get tired of the constant aggression and descriptions of death with a just a bit of story plot in between. I liked the concept of the story and the writing itself is good, but as you can tell it just didn’t sit well with me.

As another funny side note…I’m pretty sure aliens…or some futuristic beings were in the story also. It could have just been magic but the way the wording was phrased it sounded like he was breaking into alien technology right out of an episode of Dr. Who. It made me wonder where the story was going to turn next but then the whole idea was just dropped. Maybe I misinterpreted it? Who knows. What I do know is that it will be unlikely I will be finishing the trilogy unless I really can’t find anything else to read.
All in all I gave it 2/5 stars. Well written just not really for me…