Jump Jax, Jump…


Sirantha Jax, a badass babe from space. Or Siri… but she only ever let one man call her that and get away with it.
This review is for the first 3 books in the Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre. I’ll do a brief bit about each book…but the series as a whole is just a really fun read.


Grimspace is the first book in the series and it opens to Sirantha locked away in a mental health institution for causing her space ship to crash killing everyone on board. She has no recollection of anything that happened right before the crash but she clearly remembers all the pain and smells of burnt flesh after it. She thinks this is what she deserves…to be trapped in that government facility being forced to relive the crash over and over again until a new man enters her life. He offers her a chance at freedom but like the saying goes freedom doesn’t come free and is Jax willing to pay the price?


The book introduces a lot of great characters that remind me a lot of the show Firefly which I would hope at least some of the people reading this have watched because it is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me in the way that there are people on the outer planets tend to be more “western cowboy” and the way they view the law and the government is often the same way. The books main characters are an  lesbian (exiled)princess mechanic, a mind reading love interest, a quiet doctor, an alien baby, and a race of beings who have been chemically altered so their very existence is dependent on their ability to stay attached and “serve” a human being. Jax is of the human race but she is one of the specific people who possess the “j-gene” which allows her to travel though Grimspace(thus the name of the first book) with a pilot. She and others with the j-gene work as a sort of navigation device visually able to see all of space and the designated ports the ships can enter through…I kind of imagine it’s like being able to find the way though a black hole.


The second book, Wanderlust enters into a world where Jax in now dating Marsh her PSI lover and she is a woman without a ship and a job now that she’s revealed how truly bad the Corp was. Now things are in revolt though and Jax must face the consequences and help fix the way the universe is run before a new bad, the Morgut,  takes over and literally consumes them all.  She must journey to the planet Ithiss-Tor with her new pal and bounty hunter Vel to convince them to join the Conglomerate. Vel is pretty much my favorite character and as a “bug” I visualize him as a praying mantis kind of alien. Him and his species communicate in an elaborate form of body language and clicks and “chits”. This book also introduces a character that will later appear in another one on Ann Aguirre’s series The Dread Chronicles.


Doubleblind introduces us to the third book in the series and the one where Jax actually gets to Ithiss-Tor. She’s escaped a kidnapping attempt and many threats on her life and those around her to reach a planet where she is unwanted as a diplomat. But Jax has never let other’s perspectives of her undermine her choices and she is determined that the mission is to be a success regardless of the risks. This book is filled with glamorous gold gowns, games of Charm, a PSI who is too damaged to tell the difference between a friend and a foe, a badass assassin who can kill by the flick of her pinky, and a man who can heal from almost any wound. Doubleblind is definitely a good addition to the series, especially because I honestly feel like the second book is mostly a filler for the 3rd one. It was your chance to get to know the characters better with a bit of story plot and action inbetween before getting to the third book where all the twists, turns and plot development is.

*I’m about to finish the 6th book any day now and when I do I will do  a review of four, five and book six in the series …and there MIGHT be a tad bit of bragging because it will be my 100th book read for the year in my Goodreads challenge *