Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!


Oh man you guys!! While I’m typing this I am giving candy out to my first ever trick or treaters!!! I have always lived in the woods where there weren’t any trick or treaters or last year for some reason my apartment complex didn’t get any even though there were plenty of kids in the complex…oh well because now I get to share my excitement with you on this Halloween!


Finally another sewing post!!! I’ve actually been sewing my little fingers off but I haven’t taken any photos of any of my projects yet. I work in a pretty conservative place but because Halloween was a work day we got to dress up as long as it fit in the guidelines so after browsing the internet I decided to be a gum ball machine because its so bright, colorful, and cheery.


The project was pretty easy to do. I went to the craft store and spent about $25 because those puff balls and fabric glue were pretty darn expensive for a work costume or not something for comicon(at least in my opinion). I bought 3 bags of multi sized puff balls, fabric glue, a fitted white t-shirt. At home I already had red fabric, gray felt and a silver sharpie.


I just put cardboard between the white shirt so that the 2 sides didn’t stick together and just started glueing poms around like crazy. Make sure to alternate the colors and sizing of the poms as I inched up the shirt. Because I didn’t plan in advance I then had to hand sew the red fabric to the bottom of the shirt to give it the appearance of a skirt because I couldn’t exactly use my sewing machine to sew through all the glue and fuzz. I cut out the quarter slot with foam and hot glued cardboard to the back to give it a little stiffness and hand drew the .25 quarter sign with black and silver sharpie before hot glueing it on also.


And here we are! Throw on some red tights, red heels, and because it’s a little chilly out a white long sleeve shirt underneath.

Happy Halloween!!! Make sure to eat lots of candy!