It’s the End of the Line Jax…

**slight spoiler alert of those who haven’t finished the series…also a warning that this is a pretty long review**


Say what? We’re on to book four now in the Sirantha Jax series! And this one is filled with more excitement than the last as its name suggests… Killbox. We now know that Jax’s diplomacy was successful but in the end it doesn’t matter because the Morgut know that Vel’s “people” lack the technology to be an adequate defense against them and their people eating ways.  Jax and Marsh’s rocky relationship is forced to be put on hold once more because they’re called to resume their duty for the sake of the Conglomorate and all mankind. The difference is that this time Marsh is asked to play the pivotal role by creating and leading an army of rogues and bandits to help save planets and ships from Morgut attacks.  Because Marsh is well…Marsh and ever so much the “hero” he can’t date Jax and be in a higher in rank then her. Therefore he breaks her heart and there is a lot of moping on both ends throughout the whole book. The wonderful team of friends that have been developed into interesting characters in the past three books are split a part into different crews and space ships. Which is a tad heart wrenching to read about it but it does add a severity to the books and the realism of war. The whole book also Jax is working with Doc to help use her DNA to combat Grimspace burnout and gain the ability to not have to use the ports in Grimspace just like the Morgut and Jax can do. After the trial Jax and Vel accidentally  go on the adventure of their lives and time changes literally for them. Leading to discoveries about ten thousand year old technology and the very Makers that shaped Grimspace to the way it is today.


Aftermath, the 5th book in the Sirantha Jax series is just has the name suggests…it is all about Jax dealing with the aftermath of her actions. She alone decided to save the universe from the Morgut and now she must deal with the consequences. The fourth book ends with Jax literally changing Grimspace and its beacons with her mind, saving and damning humanity at the same time. Like all war criminals(or heroes depending on who’s judging)  Jax is arrested and forced to go to trial. This book is the beginning of Jax attempting to make amends and in Ann Aguirre’s fabulous writing style she is already starting to tie up loose ends so by the 6th book every story plot has reached its conclusion. This is one of my favorite things about Aguirre’s writing(well beyond the stories themselves haha).

In this last book Jax is grounded and has to face dealing with the constant pull of grimspace calling her name and tempting her back again. But there are some things better than grimspace and for Jax that is righting societies wrongs even if that means she has to literally change her face to do it.
A few of the characters in this series make an appearance in name only which was a pity but new characters living on the planet La’heng enter the scene and they’re interesting enough to make up for it.
We are brought to La’heng because earlier in the series Jax is introduced to Loras. A man whose life she saves in the first book only to realize that the reason no one else was helping him is because once you help a La’hengrin they are bound to you for life unless you fail to save them and another person does. And being bound really does mean exactly what it sounds like…forced servitude or else they will LITERALLY die. This is all from chemical warfare on their planet way, way, way before the series started. I’m getting off topic though…so Jax saves Loras, he’s bound to her, then she fails to save him and leaves him to die(not Jax’s proudest moment). He is then enslaved to another character and fellow ship captain who plays a large part in the earlier books(not March though…that was much earlier) until Jax pays a scientist huge sums of money to find a cure.  The cure is now found and we open to the last book with Jax implementing guerrilla warfare on the essentially warlords or as they prefer to be called…wealthy politicians on La’heng because they will not allow the La’hengrin’s their freedom.


The whole book is filled with fighting, mischief, and romance… the usual fabulous Ann Aguirre writing. March’s nephew gets to play a much larger role in this book, which was really interesting and I honestly wouldn’t mind him making an appearance in another book or series by Aguirre. March and Jax finally get the chance to discuss their relationship and talk about their feelings because neither of them can escape because of La’heng being on lockdown. Vel is as always just a fantastic badass through the whole book…I mean honestly how can you not love him?
What can I say? I think the series is fantastic and Ann Aguirre is a fabulous writer. If you like the genre…as Felicia Day calls it in one of her Goodreads categories: Vaginal Fantasy. Also, on a fun note I finished my Goodreads challenge of a 100/100 books!!!!