It Was the Best of Books, It Was the Worst of Books…

Bad books, bad books whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?( I’m sorry I just could resist all the cliches…at least I got them out of the way in the beginning right?)
I mostly write about books I really loved or ones that  I thought were well written even if I didn’t enjoy them but there are plenty that don’t make the cut and I thought I’d do a few funny blips on each one without focusing on them too much. I want to be honest without influencing you too much away from them because what’s not for me could totally be your cup of tea…
Let’s start with the comic Catwoman Vol 1: The Game. I had such high hopes going into this I love female super heroes but knew absolutely nothing about Catwoman except from a few glimpses of the movie. I was so disappointed. The writing is really choppy and unfocused. It isn’t female driven at all unless you want to see a character ceaselessly driven by bad impulses never learning from her mistakes. Oh and if you want to see her have a ton of sex with Batman and then tell him maybe she doesn’t want/deserve to be saved by him at the end of the comic. If you go on Goodreads a lot of people agreed with my opinion but a lot of people also loved it. Maybe if you lean towards more classic super hero comics this is for you?


Wuthering Heights. Omg I hated this book. I powered through it on vacation in Mexico at the beginning of summer. My goal this year was to read more classics. I used to all the time, in fact two of my favorite books are Jane Erye and Little Women, but man I hated this book. The characters are so whiny and I didn’t feel like there was any kind of redemption in the end. The only question  I have is how did this become considered a classic romance novel?

Lolita was another classic I really wanted to like… It took me what felt like forever to finish it. I kept wanting to quit but I hardly ever don’t finish reading a book after I’ve made it through the first 50 pages. It was such egotistical and obnoxious writing and the whole story just made me so sad for Lolita and there isn’t really a redemptive ending either. Another classical let down.

Wreck and Order. Now this last one a feel a bit bad giving it a bad review because I got it for free. It was one of those random competitions where you just enter your name/address on either bookriot or Goodreads…I don’t quite remember which one now. I do remember it was exciting to win it, and get to read it before its release date. It was just so damn disappointing, predictable and the best word I can use is hipster-y pretentious. I will leave you with the description and let you decide from that:  “A boldly candid, raw portrait of a young woman’s search for meaning and purpose in an indifferent world.” I will tell you it was none of these things… Save yourself the time and if you’re feeling like a book along those lines read Eat Pray Love or something(the cover art is pretty though isn’t it?).


I think I’ll be doing a post like this every month or so to get some of the bad books out of the way. Hope you enjoy!


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