Stories From the Monster Inside…


A fun, short comic book review!
Monstress Vol 1: Awakening by Marjorie M. Lu. It’s published by image comics which I personally think is coming out with the best comics these days. I picked this out because I honestly wanted to get free shipping from Amazon when I was buying a few gifts for people for birthdays and the holidays. I am so happy I did because the story line and art work is just amazing.

It’s an art deco, steam punk, horror comic which isn’t something I generally lean towards. If its described that way I stay away because me and horror just do not get along. Maika HalfWolf is this badass heroine though in a lot of ways she is an antihero like some of my other favorite comic book characters like the Punisher . She is trying to save her people and rescue the world from untold horrors while essentially battling her own body and mind. If you like Hayao Miyazaki movies this is for you especially Spirited Away.


Maika is the survivor of a horrific war between humans and Arcanics which are magical beings of the children of the children of gods and humans interbreeding. Also there are witches that slowly eat the pieces of children. But to offset all this horror there are talking cats who guide help narrate and some time give much needed back history and context.
The story is set in the realm of magic but I believe the point it is trying to drive in is how when the world is driven to war it is the cultures that diminish and the children who pay the price. In this it is graphically clear what the price is…being consumed slowly by witches literally trying to consume your very being. But I think you get my point?


I feel like I will definitely read this again before I read vol. 2 because there was just so much story involved and so many side characters that I don’t think my brain soaked everything in needed to understand the story.