Wool It’s Not Just For Keeping You Warm…


Is there no pity sitting in the clouds
that sees into the bottom of my grief?
O, sweet my mother, cast me not away!”

In todays most recent political crisis in America I thought I would focus on a very realistic version of the United States and how the world could one day look. What better way to do that than to compare it to dystopian future novels. I was going to write about The Handmaid’s Tale but with Trump as our president I’m sure there will be plenty of more opportunities for me to be inspired to do that.

So in inspiration of the nuclear crisis and Trumps disbelief in the climate change I picked the book Wool by Hugh Howey its the first in a trilogy in the world of wool.
In the world of wool everyone lives underground in a silo. For every person who is born a person must die because of such limited space. The populace is spread throughout the silo with the politicians, doctors, and sheriff up near the top near screens where the desolate outside world is visible, the lower you go down the dirtier and grimier the jobs. Sounds like America’s work force doesn’t it?

Every time the population starts to increase prisoners or really tributes because you can be arrested for having alternative thoughts(sound familiar?) are exiled to the outside world to clean the cameras that show how terrible the world outside is. In “fairness” the exiled are given a bio suit that will protect them from the outside elements. The bio suit always deteriorates even though the scientists and people higher up are claiming to be working towards a better solution.


The book is great because it starts out from the point of view of one character, then another, before it finally lands on Jules. A very cool chick who works down at almost the bottom of the silo…just above the mining floors. For the next 300 pages or so we follow Jules as she decides if the rebellion is worth the cost, if the rules really do make sense, and do humans really know what is best for the world. I like Hugh Howey’s honesty of how the human mind works and though we can believe something passionately when push comes to shove are we really willing to sacrifice our lifestyle and well being for future generations? He allows us to see in the minds of the “good” guys, the “bad” guys and the ones who are just lost in the shuffle of every day life.
Wool is the story of the past doing what they believe is best for mankind. It’s filled with twists, turns, and revelations. Jules represents the average person fighting for the truth in a time where the media is controlled by the government and only it decides what the public is allowed to know and what the people can handle.

“ ‘So you’re saying…’ He rubbed his chin and though this through. ‘You’re saying that someone wiped out our history to stop us from repeating it?’ “


I just started Shift the second book in the trilogy which starts back in time to where it all began. The silos being built and when people still were able to walk the surface of the earth.