To Shift is to Change


“Oh, we’ll be careful where we dig, … I’d hate for you to hear us coming.”

What do you do when you feel like the world is developing and changing out of control and you can no longer keep up or follow the current path you are on? Do you accept the inevitable or do you fight to change? What if what you were fighting something most people weren’t even aware existed and you knew there was nothing you could do to save them? This is Shift the second book the the Silo Trilogy by Hugh Howey.

It’s the story of how our own technology that we used to extend our life, make medical diagnoses, and repair the irreparable would be our downfall. Because with any good advancement there is always an equal or greater danger. Mankind has discovered how to bring complete and utter devastation and the worst part…make the few survivors forget it ever happened.


Shift introduces us to all new characters than Wool. People who were born before the Silos were ever dreamed up, people who dreamed up the Silos, and the people who would later die in them. Where the love of one woman could completely Shift your destiny and lead you on a path you could never have imagine existed. This is where we meet Donald, Anna, Thurman, Mission, Rodney and so many others.

I’m currently reading the third book so even though I haven’t finished it yet I think it’s safe to say the second book was definitely my favorite. What it says about the human condition and the choices we make when we know people are watching and when they aren’t. The sacrifices we make for the people currently in our lives and for future generations. When is enough too much?


Even though the book jumps around through character perspectives and different periods of time each character is well written and planned out. People who only enter the book for a short period of time have clear view points even in their confusion of the trauma of their lives. You can feel all the threads of the different Silos twisting together leading to the conclusion of the third book where they are all wrapped together hopefully giving us and ending that explains everything and ties all the story plots in a nice bow(my favorite kind).

I’ll leave you with this photo of me and my favorite reading buddy…