Feather Dusters Aren’t The Only Way To Get Rid Of Dust…


I’ve been sitting on this review for about a week now unsure how to go about it. I’d start typing and end up deleting most of what I’d written up before going back to wasting my time on the internet.


Dust, the last in the Wool trilogy wraps everything up the way all good series should. We learn that situations can have unintended consequences and even more so unintended victims. Will we one day have to live underground because we have destroyed our world? Will we become so competitive with people whose only differences are their geographical location that we destroy one another out of fear?

In Dust we find that Jules has been forced to become Mayor and only amenable to it so she can force the silo to expand its restrictive borders to save her new friends. Solo brings his new friends from the last book on the adventure of their lives and like anything dangerous there are risks and ultimate costs to be paid.


I really like how the character perspectives jump around especially when we get to Solo’s point of view because until recently he was such an isolated character(hence his chosen name) that everything he views is through the set age he was when his first trauma happened. It’s kinda like getting the opinion of a child with the experiences and treatment of an adult. Howey’s ability to give us such flawed, engaging characters gives the book a depth I feel most science fiction books don’t bother with because they are able to rely on action packed writing to keep the reader engaged.

Dust jumps around between Silos but within the same time period. Jules emerges as a main character once more to wage a war of one against those she feels wronged her. While Thurman wages a war against all the Silos. Donald tries to right the wrongs of the past but finds that he is unable to relate the generations of people he had Thurman had created. We find out about the master list and the people who created its plan for the future. Who will triumph in the end the people of the past or of the future?


All in all, this is one of the best book series I’ve read in a while and I would recommend it to any one interested in giving it a read.