Don’t Test a Jealous Woman…


The classic tale of men in history trying to control women and use their power to keep them subservient and dependent on their whims. In this we know that one day one of those women who were completely destroyed by a man will be the mother of one of the greatest queens in history. One who will change things for Europe for the better. That queen was Elizabeth and her mother was the forever infamous Anne Boleyn. This book isn’t the story of Anne though many of Philippa Gregory’s other books are. She does get honorable mention multiple times because of the hell she put two out of the three sister through while making life easier for the third.


In Three Sisters Margaret Tudor is the main character and focus of the book while Katherine(Henry the Eighth’s first wife) and her sister Mary Tudor are side characters present though conversations and letters. Not much is known of Margaret Tudor even though she was Queen of Scotland because women weren’t a focus and considered important back then when history was recorded by men and Henry was such a major historical player at that time he over shadowed most monarchies. If modern age media was back then Henry would have been on the cover of every tabloid and the women just a “pictured with” side note.


Gregory does Margaret justice and makes her such an interesting character while being honest about her probable flaws. She was most likely smart, petty, jealous, and courageous. She married three times, twice out of love, and obtained a divorce from the Pope something her own brother never managed to do. She gave Scotland a king and tried to keep peace between Scotland and England both by her marriage and afterwards through her intelligence and quick thinking.

I typed up a whole history of all three women but decided not to add it because I want you to read the book and fall in love with Margaret the way I did and the way I do with all the women Philippa Gregory writes about.

Anyways, Happy New Year from me to you! I hope 2017 brings us bigger and better things!