Some Books Should Actually Be Movies


I read Ocean of Storms recently by Christopher Mari and Jeremy K Brown as a Kindle First book before it was officially released. It should have been a fast read…it’s an action based science fiction book and I normally race through those. This book just dragged on and on. It was split into three different sections: the shock wave, the moon and dealing with consequences on earth.


The concept of the book itself is interesting and I honestly don’t want to do any spoilers incase you do want to read it. To me it read more like a movie script then an actual book. There were a lot of facts spewed at you that I don’t know how accurate they are. I felt like the book could have used an editor to cut it by about a third and it would have been much more enjoyable.


Fun fact also…there is a character named Moose in the book and his character description is pretty much identical to the character description of Moose in the Archie comics. I’d be interested to see it was a purposeful easter egg or an accidental one… Otherwise there wasn’t really a connection between the characters and the reader. I never felt attachment or distress if something bad happened to one of the characters(and believe me a lot of bad stuff did).

Overall there isn’t really much to say I didn’t enjoy the book but I feel like a lot of people will. And it will definitely make an excellent movie. I’d give in 2/5 stars because even though at times I wanted to bail I stuck with it till the end.


It’s been freezing here so here is a picture from me walking to work in the snow….because cold weather is perfect reading weather don’t you think?