Your Scars May Fade But Your Memories Won’t…


I took a chance on another Kindle special sale books even though lately I feel like I’m always getting burned by them. But what can I say? I love a good deal and once I start a book I want to finish it whether it’s enjoyable or not. Lucky for me this one was just fantastic.
I am not one to normally read what I would call a “regular” romance. They’re normally super natural or science fiction based or historical(which this one was but I’m talking pre Elizabethan Age normally not less than a hundred years ago).


“You are my vocation. I was made to love you, protect you, through the good and bad, and through every vow that will be asked of me.”


The Memory of Us is the love story of Julianne Westcott in the time of prewar where even though girls were given liberties they were still expected to marry a boy that matched their parent’s approval. Her life in Liverpool is one of party planning, silk dresses, and money until she finds out a secret that unlocks a hidden doorway into a life Julianne never imagined living.

“My own monsters were self-concocted fits of overthinking.”

This book gave an honest portrayal of romance and the flaws we try to keep hidden from the world. It also deals with the very real aspects of religion and money and how they come to play in a relationship. Can love overcome religious beliefs or are we ever going to marry a person of similar faith rather than always have that obstacle that can come between you and possibly the love of your life? Can a Catholic and a Protestant get along, especially in a time where anti-Irish and anti-Catholic was still very present in England? When you throw in a war it’s a recipe for disaster but also an epic romance spanning a whole life time.