The Dress That Paved The Road To Hell…


It was the dress from hell. But lets be honest…it was ALL my fault it was so hellish. I saw all kinds of really fabulous versions of this dress pattern McCalls M7081 in the sewing Facebook groups I’m apart of but I just had to fall in love with a knit fabric instead of a cotton. Also keep in mind up till that point I hadn’t seriously sewn with knits…just as part of my cosplay costumes for Morrigan in Dragon Age.

I love the appearance of the “wrap dress” and picked version A to try of the dress mostly because I was nervous about making the sleeves. Since then I’ve accomplished a few sleeved items though so next time I’m going to sew version C or D but with the collar of version A.

Now the belt I made that wasn’t a part of the pattern was because I wanted to be able to hide the waists seam line because I really made a hack of it. The knit was too think in spots and I couldn’t get it to lay nicely and not stretch too much. The buckle(that I’ll end up using for another project down the line) is vintage bakelite that I got from a crafts seller about eight years ago.

A better seamstress could have made this work but it was just too many new things learned at once with a fabric I didn’t understand how to work. It was my first side zipper(and it was supposed to be invisible of course), first structured collar and first time sewing with a knit fabric. Needless to say I am NEVER going to wear this dress again beyond taking these photos in my own home. All I can see is the flaws and I know since I’m learning every project has at least one flaw but normally I can look past them. This dress I just can’t. It’s terrible but on the plus side, I know that I love the look of the dress and can’t wait to try again with the proper fabric!