Turns Out Scuba Isn’t Just Used For Diving

Confession time: I’m such a sucker for cool patterned fabrics whether they are practical for my project or not. Hence my love affair with scuba knit fabrics. I impulsively bought a few different pattern styles of this really thick, fun fabric and my first experiment with it isn’t exactly blog ready to show because it was kind of a sewing fail that I just won’t give up on(you’ll find a picture below). Partially this fail is because I just totally made up my own pattern for it off of a draft of a corset pattern for my AquaWoman corset.


(Now I know it looks good on the form but it’s misleading because the fit in the bust is absolutely atrocious).

Now back to the main scheme of things:scuba knit and a successful project. I bought a mismatched plaid scuba knit that I had dreams of a pencil skirt for. I didn’t make use a pattern for it but just followed a youtube video from the blog MADE Everyday on how to sew a pencil skirt in 20 minutes. It was so easy and comprehensive that this is what I made off of my measurements! I even wore it to work the other day! It took less than two hours even with my Netflix distractions haha.

How cool is that fabric?????

And, I luckily had some extra and decided to make some shorts that I won’t be able to wear for months considering how absolutely freezing its been in Oregon lately.

To make the shorts I watched a ton of youtube videos(my sewing knowledge staple) and then decided to go off a pattern I had bought on sale at Joanns ages ago for a WonderWoman costume. I thought it would be practice because I want to make these shorts in actual denim before summer starts.


It’s a fairly simple pattern. I cut out my size which ended up being too large with how stretchy the scuba knit is(but I predicted that would happen). I zig zag stitched the elastic to the waist and then folded it over and sewed it closed. I also did a much lower waist line because I didn’t want them to be quite so high waisted. Other adjustments were to take in the crotch seam and sides but I think that was also mostly due to the stretchy fabric.

Overall the projects were quite the success!! I can’t wait to wear them both more in the future!!!