This post might be a *tad* bit late…but that’s honestly pretty true to my character. I make timelines and I like to push them. So here is a post I wasn’t even sure I would do because it seemed a little too much like New Years Resolutions which I don’t participate in because I never stick to them.

Plus it is *really* hard to narrow things down to nine projects but I guess it’s not like I can’t make more than nine projects…

So here’s the first two(both patterns I bought at Joanns on sale). I feel like a really good challenge is making pants and I love a good retro look. Plus I have to wear slacks to work if I’m not wearing a dress and if I can make myself feel like I am wearing pjs and work that’s always a win in my book. The Simplicity 8259 is another pattern I’ve had sitting on my shelf waiting to be made and is definitely out of my comfort zone with all the details around the collar and bust.


Secondly. lets talk about Tilly and the Buttons. I think she is just fabulous and thats why her patterns make up a third of my MakeNine. Her tutorials are clear and precise with a lot of instructional photos involved in all the steps. Thats why the Zadie dress with knit fabrics makes one of the tops slots, the Bettine because I’ve been wanting to make that style of dress for quite a while now and the Rosa shirt because who doesn’t need a good classic button up.

The next two are Colette Patterns and I actually already own the Walden coat pattern(which can be for a male or female despite the male model). I envision the Walden as a beautiful pink wool-a very Shelby style coat. The Dahlia I’m imagining in a plaid very much like the dresses in the movie Hidden Figures.


I just bought Gertie’s Ultimate Dress book and I already own the Butterick B6354 because I like literally all those individual pieces or the set together but with less blue Hawaiian print. The image on the very right is her Faux Sarong Dress which includes a strapless bodice, a pencil skirt and a lot of structuring. The one on the left is the Emerald Faille Party Dress(it is actually emerald in the pictures in the book but of course I love it in pink).

I guess I have a long year of sewing ahead of me…better get busy now 😉