Plaid to Meet You Mimi

Another one from Tilly and the Buttons fabulous book. I decided to expand my skills-or at least try to-and give the Mimi blouse a try. Funny story to go with the name of the pattern…my younger brother used to call me Mimi when we were both younger…if I’m remembering correctly because he couldn’t pronounce Shelby and it just kind of stuck. Of course I hated it because that’s how all nicknames that stick are like. I had forgotten about it completely until I went to write this post actually, funny what the mind dredges up in unexpected times.

As true of all Tilly’s patterns I’ve attempted the directions were very clear and concise with lots of helpful pictures to talk me though all the steps. The top is a loose fitting button up blouse. There is a gathered yoke in the front and the back with pleated sleeves for another nice detailed touch.

What I used: a plaid fabric from Joanns for a nice drape and to give it a fall/winter feel and glass blue vintage buttons from my stash I’ve hoarded for about 7 years.

Things I struggled with: the collar. Especially the interfacing in the back…I accidentally chopped it a bit too short so it kept threatening to stick up in the back. I also had a hard time keeping the gathers on the back yoke even. I had to unpick it twice to straighten things because it drove me crazy otherwise haha.


Things I would change: I would definitely go down a size because even though it’s meant to be loose fitting I think its too loose. I’m also torn because I would like to say I’d make it a bit longer fit wise but if I wear it tucked into my skirt the length wouldn’t matter anyways.

I loved the pattern though and it was first experience making button holes on my machine. It was also my first time making that kind of collar and it was certainly a learning experience but I can’t wait to make this pattern again in a thinner fabric!!