What the Hell Have I Been Up To??

OhMyGoodness! Where the heck have I been??? I feel like it has been ages since I’ve posted and it kind of has…

I promise I’ve been sewing, and reading(so much reading!!!) and I relearned a new hobby…Knitting!!! Which means I’ve been a lot more active on Ravelry so if knitting interests you find me there! I’m happyechos just like on the blog 🙂

I have been sick twice with a terrible cold in the last month and been down for the count and definitely not up for writing up posts and really really not up to photographing myself in the items. Work has been chaos on so many levels which cut in greatly to my crafting time and increased my stress/exhaustion level quite a bit.

So what do you have to look forward to seeing?

*a ton of book reviews since I have read 41/110 of my book challenge books this year so far! This leaves me just a tad behind schedule at the moment 😉

*some fun sewing project success and fails! Though I am going to label the fails as works in progress because I haven’t give up on them yet!

*a new knitting/yarn section since I am on my 3rd knitting project after reteaching myself about a month ago!!!!

*And I am thinking about adding a what I’m watching/what I’m wishing for/listening to blog post maybe twice a month or so

Also since I posted I had a birthday and turned 26 and decided it was time to get my act together and head back to school to finish up my degree so I’m in the process of that!

Okay so that was a lot of rambling about future things to mostly show that I promise I’m still here and thinking about this blog! I’m going to leave you with some sneak peak shots of all the fun projects I’ll soon be blogging about so stay tuned!!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend and are reading, crafting and enjoying the sun just like me!