A Miette Of Ones Own


A warm skirt for the cold winter months. That was the simple goal of this Miette skirt pattern from Tilly and the Buttons (my favorite pattern designer ever in case you aren’t able to tell yet 😉 ). I have to admit that wasn’t why I bought the pattern though- I bought it so I could make a cute wrap skirt as a Christmas gift for a friend and then couldn’t resist making myself one(first hahaha).

I knew it was meant to be mine when I went to Joanns for gift fabric shopping and came across this gorgeous thick plaid-the softest fabric that I have EVER felt there in all honesty. I immediately bought 2 and a half yards and used pretty much all of it for the Miette. I think I have enough to whip up a pretty fabulous infinity scarf to match it…is there such a thing as being too matchy with patterns?


As with all Tilly’s patterns, everything was really straightforward with great visual and written instructions. I cut out a size four for both me and my friend and got to work. With all Tilly’s patterns because they’re on such great thick paper, and I want to be able to fold them back together as perfectly as they come delivered, I trace the pattern on wax paper and use that as my pattern pieces. It causes me some extra work/time in the beginning but I think preserving those patterns and the abilities to make different sizes in worth the extra effort. I find this especially true because I have to get them shipped overseas and  can’t just run to Joanns on the next cheap pattern sale and replace the pattern for a $1.99 if I want a different size or something.


Anyways, as usual I’m getting off topic. I sliced and diced the pattern and fabric pieces and then went to work trying to figure out my new serger a Singer ProFinish I treated myself to as an early Christmas gift (which I lived to regret believe me, but that’s a story for another time). With some difficulty I serged all the edges and then stitched everything together on my sewing machine.

I didn’t make any major alterations except I did do two holes for the ties for the skirt to go through instead of the one. I thought this made things easier and tidier with a more even look. I cut out the front pockets for the skirt and even sewed them on before deciding I really didn’t like the look with the skirt. The plaid didn’t match up perfectly and the fabric was heavy enough that it tugged down in the front which was not a flattering look to have on your midsection. A lot of cursing and unpicking followed that revelation.

IMG_3487Next time I will also shorten it more. I left the length long because it is supposed to be a warm winter skirt that I’ll be wearing boots and tights with but the next one will be a more versatile knee length skirt(maybe in denim).


All in all, I would definitely have to say it’s a great make especially since I have already made two(one for me and one as the gift) and see many more in my future both for myself and others.