Wonder Woman: A Caricature of Empowerment?


Wonder Woman and the quest for women’s empowerment. Now I have mixed feelings about Wonder Woman as a whole. I like what she represents but hate how she has been turned into a caricature of a powerful woman. I won’t claim to be an expert on Wonder Woman by any means…I’ve only read one of her comics and watched her in animated shows as a kid until seeing the new Wonder Woman movie(which is absolutely fantastic-go see it now, now, now!!!).

Her creation story is fabulous because her creator was inspired partially by birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger and was meant to be a feminist icon. Diana has had a lot of different powers and looks over the years. Her skills are her Amazonian training like tactics, hunting(which I found interesting considering I remember her being a vegetarian) and combat. She also has the lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets and a tiara that serves as a projectile. Now she is seen as regularly using her sword and shield.



Wonder Woman has also had in my opinion a lot of foolish and ridiculous abilities/accessories that led towards my feelings of her frequently being a caricature. At one point Diana owned a pair of glowing, red, magnetic earrings that allowed her to receive messages(before cell phones were common I’m guessing). There is of course the stupid invisible plane and the telepathic abilities she possessed through her tiara allowing her to summon the plane on command. There was also the purple ray capable of healing fatal gunshot wounds even through a person’s brain and a Violet Power Ring of Love(yes that really is the title) that enabled her to alter her costume at will and not only that but the ring reveals a person’s absolute true love to them. On top of ALL THIS RIDICULOUSNESS Diana has mental radio waves that could let her receive messages from those in need of her.

No wonder Wonder Woman isn’t taken seriously…if all those powers aren’t an example of how society is supposed to view Diana throughout the years to top it all off when she was finally allowed to join the Justice Society of America it was as their damn SECRETARY!!!!


I really hope that this movie inspires a powerful reboot of Wonder Woman bringing her back to the feminist icon she once represented with a modern twist. As of now I feel she is on par with Super Man who is considered the laughing stock of the comic book world characters. He has been unable to keep up with the modern age and times and hopefully Wonder Woman won’t fall to the same fate.

-Happy Reading and Go See Wonder Woman!!!


The Blood Tells All…


This book is the definition of a can’t put it down urban fantasy series. I received this first book for free at Emerald City Comicon and didn’t have high hopes for it…don’t ask me why because now that seems so foolish. I wanted to read it as a break after the Brandon Sanderson Mistborn Series novels before starting a different book he has written. Instead I have now ordered all four of the other books available in The Others Series on amazon and am impatiently awaiting the 3rd one now.


The book introduces you to a world of “the others” and humans. They may coexist now but it certainly isn’t a peaceful one without trials and tribulations. The humans and The Others are both creatures of Namid who created all creatures on earth. She gave The Others all the forest areas and the humans safe places where they could grow and develop as a people. The trouble with humans is we always want more don’t we though? Soon people overgrew their areas and tried to shove their way into The Others areas but how can humans win out over claws and mystical powers? And when it comes down to it should we really triumph over everything?


The series tells the story of Meg, a lone girl who has the simple power to change everything for The Others and humans alike…though we’ll have to see if it’s for better or worse. Once Simon allows Meg into the Courtyard there is no turning back for either of them, will Megs abilities sink ships or keep them afloat allowing the tides of change to keep them current(could I add any more water themes to that sentence??).
I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’ll just say this… if you like books about vampires, werewolves, coyotes who turn into people and have ever wondered what the seasons would be like if they were represented in children this is the book for you. I couldn’t put it down and Anne manages to keep you on your toes wondering what will happen next till the very last page.


Don’t Slip On Me


This was one of the first dresses I made this last summer and one of my favorites because it is just so silly and ridiculous that I smile every time I put it on. I found the fabric years ago…at least five I want to say(does that make me have hoarder status?). I knew I wanted to save it for a good project but was unsure of what until I came across Tilly’s book.

The Megan dress was the first dress I attempted from the book but decided to omit the sleeves and add bias binding to the arm holes instead. The construction was fairly basic. I just traced the pattern onto wax paper, cut, ironed, and sewed it together following Tilly’s fabulous instructions. I had a bit of trouble with the back zipper but nothing noticeable. The dress is also a tad too short if I bed over not at the knees haha but that’s pretty manageable.

Echo of course had to check out what was going on and sniff my shoe….


I’ve made this pattern quite a few times and once now as a top for comic con in Portland at the beginning of September.  I just shortened the skirt part of the pattern to create a flared top and retraced the pattern but squared the neckline(well eventually first a tried a v-neck). I found great stormtrooper fabric at Joanns and then just edged everything in red bias binding to give it a more finished look.


And there we have it my first experiments with Tilly and the Buttons book: Love at First Stitch!!!!


Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?


I finally, finally read the book #static. I bought it almost a year ago at the Seattle Comicon and it has sat on my night stand ever since. I kept meaning to read it and instead getting distracted by another book. It’s a pity too because the book was absolutely a fantastic read and the author, Erik Laster, was really such a nice guy when I met him. We talked about Archie comics a bunch and how they’re  turning it into a t.v show and these people he knew were trying to make a documentary about the comics(or something…my memories a little vague almost a year later from the conversation). And because he is such a nice guy he signed my book I bought which I personally am always a sucker for a signed copy…it’s one the reasons I love being able to meet the authors of books/comic books at the cons.


Anyways, to get back on topic…If you ever wonder what happens to you after you die, like shows similar to the Twilight Zone, and love a good mystery then this book is for you. The main character, Curtis Brooks, older brother dies unexpectedly and he is left with numerous unanswered  questions and a mother on the brink of an emotional meltdown. A short time after his brother Willis’s death her receive a phone call from him from the beyond or what Willis describes as a Walmart filled with anything that is past its time. There’s shelves and shelves of old televisions , radios, and phones….even things dating back to the ancient Roman era.


Curtis becomes obsessed with what he believes are encoded messages his brother is saying in their conversations while Willis becomes obsessed with why this Walmart-esc limbo exists to begin with. The story plot stays interesting the whole book with trivial things teenage boys deal with in every day life thrown in for an extra comedic effect. Definitely a book I’d recommend and one I’ve already loaned out to be read because I loved it so much.


This was me at the beach a week or so ago but just imagine that I’m jumping for joy because I liked the book that much 😉

Happy National Comic Book Day!!!!

Happy National Comic Book Day!!!

I thought I would celebrate by talking about some of the comics I’ve been reading and my new favorite comic: Spider Gwen and Archie Comics!!!!!

I was really hesitant to give the new Archie Comics a try. I loved going to the grocery store every week and getting whatever issue was by the check out isle. So of course I was worried when I heard they were making the Archie’s “cool” again. But to my happy surprise when I gave in and bought the first volume it was fantastic!!!!!!! I wanted to read it like 3 more times.


Spider Gwen was the next one I loved. I bought the first volume…volume 0 in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon. I liked the concept from the start. Badass Gwen plays in a band called the Mary Janes and fights crime at night. In this universe Gwen got bit by a radio active spider and became a super hero while Peter Parker(her best friend and I believe boyfriend) becomes consumed with becoming a hero also so much that he destroys himself with science. Her dad is a cop and Daredevils Matt Murdock is actually a bad guy. There are a lot of role reversals and its just a totally fun read.

I can’t have a list about awesome comics without including the Saga comics!!! An epic romance of a couple with a baby traveling across space attempting to find a place where their family can be together. There’s robot princes and princesses, all kinds of aliens, drugs, nudity and soap opera telenovela’s.

I’ve only read the first Ms Marvel so far and I thought it was pretty entertaining. I like the idea behind it a lot and the way its illustrated and written. It’s a little childish but in the best way. It’s not necessarily directed at my age group but I can appreciate it and find it amusing.


And on a complete opposite note when I was at Emerald City Comicon I came across The Wicked and The Divine the first 3 volumes. They’re about Gods who are reincarnated throughout different periods of time. In this time period they become pop stars. I had a hard time following all the plot lines to be honest. The art is really cool though. There is nudity, murder, heads exploding and all kinds of sex. It’s a pretty intense comic.


Lets Get To Some Of The Sewing!

Lets Get to Some Of The Sewing…


I did say there would be some sewing and some cosplay and this is both. Last spring I went to my first big Comicon where I dressed up. It was Emerald City Comicon in Seattle and I dressed up 3 out of the four days…quite the undertaking considering I was just getting back into sewing and relearning all the basics. I picked three different inspirations: Aqua Woman, Morrigan from Dragon Age one, and Gwen Dylan from izombie comics.


The first project I started with Morrigan because the knit fabric was forgiving and hid a lot of flaws. I used a faux leather to do the strips and texturing for the skirt. I didn’t take any progress shots because I didn’t have a blog at the time and didn’t have any plans to share. There might be a few on my instagram.

The next one I made was Aqua Woman. I loved the idea behind it and didn’t want to be Aquamans wife because I wasn’t really a fan of her backstory. I did something I had never done before. I drafted a pattern myself based on Cody(the fiancé) literally wrapping my whole torso in tape and then cutting it off of me so I could dissect it and draft out the pattern in fabric. I then test ran the pattern and sewed it together in fabric before then deciding to cut it out in craft foam so I could get more of an armored look. I both glued an stitched the foam pieces together.
Cutting out the scales individually took pretty much forever and then attaching them even longer but it was completely worth it in the end. I made the arm bracers but gave in and bought the mermaid legging for my legs.

The third costume looked the simplest but was honestly the hardest to make and I spent the most time with a seam ripper in my hand. It was a romper pattern that I used and had the hardest time adjust the crotch measurement to with how I wanted it to sit on my waist. I eventually gave up and had the waist sit on my hips instead of on my waist like I wished. I’m happy with it but there are MANY things I would redo. Sewing is always a learning process and cosplay is certainly a fun way to learn it.

p.s If you recognize the characters these people are dressed as I think you are an absolutely fabulous human being with fun taste in movies…